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Understanding Liposonix Ultrasound Treatment

Liposonix ultrasound is a broad-based and relatively advanced approach to non invasive body contouring and the removal or reduction of body fat. The process is unlike liposuction and no surgery is involved. Liposonix provides for the ability to decrease the eminence of body fat in areas where diet and exercise have proved to be unable to get rid of fat. Due to the non invasive nature of the procedure, it does not carry some of the typical liposuction risks.

Advantages of Liposonix Ultrasound Treatment

The benefits of fat reduction through this process are that the procedure is non-invasive which means that no surgery is involved. The process also offers single treatment results with the least possible downtime and with no anesthesia involved. There is little or no discomfort involved and patients get close to their goal weight with the least possible loose skin.

How Liposonix Ultrasound Treatment Works

Other forms of treatment for fat in some parts of the body will take numerous hours or a number of treatments to address the problem sufficiently. Liposonix is distinctive in many ways. The treatment is highly functional and flexible. It enables for the exact control of how and where the energy is delivered and this give the patient a very highly personalized treatment in one single session of one hour. The procedure applies high intensity pinpointed ultrasound to eradicate fat tissue in the specific area targeted for treatment including the abdomen, the hip area, or other problem areas. Energy is directed on the fat thats beneath the skin and brings about a very quick ascent in the temperature of the area that is targeted. This brings about the eradication of the cells. The fat treated is then immersed without any impact on blood lipid levels. Another benefit to the increase in temperature is that collagen is heated and this helps with the contraction of tissues. This process of the contraction of tissues is very beneficial because it helps prohibit tissue laxity post treatment, or the post treatment of loose skin.

Why Liposonix Ultrasound Treatment is Preferable

This form of treatment is preferable firstly because it is non-invasive and also because no pain involved. The fact that liposonix ultrasound treatment can be done in very little time is also quite beneficial. The treatment can actually be done just about anywhere such as in the office, and will be done in one hour. No anesthesia is required and most times, patients will only experience a gentle and non-irritating itch or warmth in the area that is receiving treatment. After the treatment, recipients will not be restricted in any way and can engage in any activity. The area that is treated might experience a little sore for a very short period of time and recipients might experience the slightest of swelling and bruising.