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Chris Hemsworth: The Body Of A God

There are only a few instances people can remember when an actor pulled off his shirt and people went ooohhh and aaahhh. One of those instances is when Chris Hemsworth portrayed Thor on the big screen.

This normally lanky Australian managed to turn himself into a truly magnificent body of work with the amount of dedication he put into the role. What you see on the big screen is further bolstered by his acting chops and comedic timing as well as the help from his co-actors. Now, what you dont see is just how he was able to transform his body to make him worthy enough to wield the mighty Mjolnir.

Chris Hemsworth had to pack on an additional 30 pounds to his current physique and he managed to do this through a strict diet and workout regimen. Not only did he have to pack on that amount of weight in a short time but he also had to chisel it out so much that it looked like he wasnt a plain human being but an actual Asgardian God. He managed to do all of that without steroids - just pure dedication, discipline and a lot of hard work!

We start with his diet. Chris Hemsworth managed to pack on some serious weight by relying on a steady diet of rice, chicken, eggs and a lot of fat. This was then trimmed off with a very rigorous and thorough workout targeting all aspects of his body.

One of the areas his trainers put a lot of focus on was his upper body form. To put on a convincingly god-like physique, Chris had to develop his arms and chest and flatten his abdomen.

To work on these areas, Chris Hemsworth performed military presses that sculpted not only his shoulders but his arms as well. Different variations of curls further developed his biceps and to complete the look, he also developed his triceps. This means doing rows and other exercises that focus on the triceps.

To achieve a washboard ab, Chris Hemsworth was subjected to a high rep count of crunches and other core muscle training exercises. Its a good thing they didnt skip leg day or he would have easily toppled over with the amount of upper body bulk he gained. Leg presses were the order of the day to make sure he had a well-balanced physique all throughout.

Chris Hemsworth worked out so much that when he finally showed up for costume fitting, they all realized he grew so large that his costume barely fit. Needless to say, a few adjustments here and there and they finally got him in, although it looked like he was ready to burst out of the seams of his body armor. That amount of dedication turned Chris Hemsworth into a God onscreen and a superstar actor overnight!


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